Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your own blog!

Would you like to have an online way to show off your writing and work, photos maybe?

I have started a class blog using Kidblog.  I like this way of blogging because:

  • it lets me check your work before it is posted
  • it lets me start off with no-one else being able to see your blog while you get started, then other members of class can see your posts and comment.  See here for more details, parents
  • we can access it at school and so you can comment from within class.  This would allow you to use it as an independent reading activity.
Have a look here to see what it is like.

Leave a comment on this blog if you want me to set you up with a blog.

You must be willing to have a go at writing about what interests you AND be prepared for other people in class to read your writing and leave comments about it.

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