Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to the Class Blog

Well done!
You have found your way to the class blog and you will be able to use the maths trainer to help you improve your maths.
Please keep a record of your achievements in your home school book:

  1. number answered correctly

  2. percentage correct

  3. Maths facts level (the first level we can call level 1...up to level 6)
Try to have a go three times a week.

When you have made really good progress, post a comment by clicking on the button below with your first score and your best score.  Please type your first name in your comment. 

No name = no comment!

Good Luck!

Well done to Brooklyn for being the first to post a comment.


  1. 95% right which is 57 right out of 60.

    Brooklyn Jordan Thewlis.

  2. 1x1 and 5x5 tables for 5 minutes

    Brooklyn thewlis

  3. Best score 98.9% right which is 86 right out of 87.

    William Raggett

  4. best score :(6x2 to 9x9)
    i answered :47
    i got correct :40

  5. 1 x 1 5 x 5
    best score 100 % 48 correct out of 48

    Toby Harper

  6. score:100% correct

    19 out of 19


  7. Best score was 19 out of 23 -82%
    next score was 40 out of 49 -81.6%

    callum chapple

  8. to mr winter
    workout :multiply
    time :5.00 minutes
    i answerd 25,and got 19 correct
    from shannon
    in sycamore.
    oh and by the way level 2 see you soon mr winter from shannon in sycamore year 5 9years old bye,bye.

  9. Dear Mr Winter,
    I have found a poem to do with weather called, The invention of rain.
    Here it is.

    Rain first came
    when the woman whose lovely face
    was the sky

    She thought of rain
    for her sadness,
    her sorrowful clouds.
    The woman whose lonely voice
    was the wind

    Then garden flowers
    bowed their heads
    under the soft-salt grief of the rain.

    And an only child
    stared down at them
    through the thousand tears
    of a window-pane.

    from saskia

  10. the poems are good but the is Casey-Leigh's sense poem well Casey-Leigh

    by Connor Monnington

  11. answered 60 got 53 correct


    scarlett may

  12. even though I'm at home unwell I got 55/56 (98.2%)

    I looked at the gases song and it cheered me up!

  13. 77 out 80

    12 X LEVEL 6



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