Thursday, January 5, 2012

Australian Animals

I'm sure you know about the kangaroo, wallabee and the emu, but do you know many more Australian animals? Do you know the type of place they live...their habitat?

Follow this link. Read the questions and then see if you can find the answers by researching using the links.

If you find any amazing facts then add them as comments. Good luck.


  1. Hi Outbackjack here I want to thank you for the link re dot painting and let you know that I have some intersting pages for australina animals on my website too. and go to my site map to see the pages. Nice to find you

  2. I have been finding out the habitats of the Australian animals such as the skink that lives in a desert area under rocks, then comes out to feed on insects and other stuff like that.

    I have also been on the Outbackjack website and found out emus can run up to 50 kms in short bursts


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