Sunday, January 22, 2012

Which European first landed on Australia?

Find out about James Cook here.

Have a go at a webquest...find out about life as a cabin boy

Why did he go?  Look here...there were two reasons...can you find them?
Who went on the trip with Cook?
How did they navigate?  Look here.
Want to find out more about hemispheres and latitude and longitude?  Go here
What was life like on board ship?
Here are some dates from Australia's history.
Here's a very detailed timeline of events.
Here is a brief description of where Cook went on his different expeditions.
On Cook's first expedition, he travelled with a man called Joseph Banks.  Look here for one of the letters he sent to his sister.  It's quite difficult to read.  Can you understand any of the words?
Here is a site which has links to typed up versions of many of the journals which were kept by Joseph Banks on his journeys as a scientist.
Why was the trip so important for science?
Here is a summary of Cook's journeys.
Look at the map below for the journey taken by Cook on his way around the world.
Below is an image of the ship he used to travel to Australia:

Look here for some facts and figures about the Endeavour...what was her top speed?
Here is a painting of the HMS Endeavour just before the long journey to Australia.  What was the name of the ship before being used for the expedition?

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