Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emma and Casey's quiz

Have a look at the quiz made by Casey and Emma.

Answers will be posted tomorrow!

1.      How many small wooden boats left Portsmouth on the first fleet?
A.      10
B.      11
C.      12

2.      What day, month and year did the small vessels leave on?
3.      Which king was his 17th year of his reign?
4.      What time did all the ships pass the needles?
5.      How many seamen, marines and convicts set sail?
6.      Where did they set sail to?
7.      How long did the voyage take?
8.      Which port did they weigh there anchor at?
9.      Where did they settle at?
10.     How many people died in the voyage?
11.     Was the journey successful?
12.     When did the first fleet leave?
13.     Did it travel any further than any other voyage?
14.     Did they carry any more people than any other voyage?
15.     Rounded to the nearest meter how short was the smallest ship?
a.      19 meters
b.      20 meters
c.      21 meters

16.     How long did it take to arrive at Botany Bay?
a.      8 months
b.      2 months
c.      5 months

17.     Were the ships designed to transport convicts to Australia?
18.      How many people loose in the 2nd   fleet?
19.     Do you think it was fair to travel convicts to Australia?
20.      How many times do you think they dropped the anchor?
21.      Do you think old people died quicker on the ship than the younger people?
22.       How many convicts do you think were sea sick?

23.       What supplies of food do you think they got and how much did they get?

24.      Do you think the convicts had their own cabins?
25.       What diseases do you think convicts got on the way to Australia?


  1. i hope you like the quiz me and casey really worked hard on our questions for this and i hope everyone likes them so enjoy

  2. hi Mr Winter i need to know the school id
    because i dont know it and i if i dont then
    i cant log on and i want to please can you tell me at school

  3. I think the last comment was from Emma. Emma, look at the Literacy tab on the blog and right next to the bug club link is written the school number.


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