Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home Learning in Sycamore Class Set on Friday 3rd February, due in on Wednesday 15th February

Dear Parents and Children, Brilliant home learning last time!
 Well done for all of the effort you put into it. 29 out of 33 children handed it in on time – a record!

 For home learning I would like you to write a poem which:
• Has Well-chosen words
• Includes descriptive writing – try to use adjectives, adverbs, similes and Metaphors if you can • carefully edited text with as few spelling mistakes ad possible
• is handwritten.

Use this checklist as you plan your writing, so that you can meet the objectives...then start getting creative!

You might want to write about an Australian theme, a cold weather poem, a poem about a day in your life, a poem about you’re a journey, a poem about a member of your family.

Here's a slideshow which might help you with similes and metaphors:

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