Sunday, November 27, 2011

The dangers of Everest

Read this webpage and think about the dangers of Everest...
Can you think of 5 dangers of climbing high mountains like Mount Everest?

Answers, as usual, as comments on the blog...and please remember to add your name - no name = no comment.


  1. Climbers can fall in a crevice or slip and die from their injuries.
    The weather can change suddenly.
    Oxygen systems can fail causing death as the air up the mountain lacks the oxygen climbers need to breathe.
    many climbers are too slow going to the summit and get caught in a bad storm.

  2. Climbers sherpas may die.

    Climbers might run out of food.

    Oxygen tanks may leak.

    Climbers might die of thin air.

    If your scared of hight you might get scared and fall.

    The weather might be bad.


  3. Avalanches. Strong winds and cold giving you frostbite. falling. running out of oxygen giving you altitude sickness. Getting lost. Toby


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