Friday, November 4, 2011

Instructions Home Learning

This week you have all written amazing instructions on a huge range of topics...from how to fish (by Molly) to How to chat (by Saskia) to How to play Modern Warfare (by Elijah).

This week's home learning is to either:

  1. Make a made up recipe for a strange Halloween potion OR
  2. To follow a recipe of your choice.

Please stick your made up recipe or evidence of what recipe you have followed into your home learning book.

If your book is at school, then you can do it on paper and stick it in.

This week's home learning can be handed in by Wednesday 9th November  Monday 14th that you have time at the weekend to make the recipes..

Go to this link if you need a reminder of how to write instructions, but most of you have shown me that you are experts already.

Well done for an amazing Make a Difference Day, especially to Morgan, Dillan and Molly who were incredibly helpful and responsible.

1 comment:

  1. i shared home learning with molly and we did the both



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