Sunday, November 27, 2011

World mountains

To help you get an idea about where the largest mountains and mountain ranges in the world are, have a look here for a map, here for some mountain facts, and here for some Everest facts.

Which coast of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro nearest to?


  1. The east coast of Africa

  2. I am amazed at how much rubbish is left on Mount Everest that doesnt get rotted away cause it is so cold.It musto f been scary to find a dead body not rotted away after all those years cause it was so freezing.Lots of oxygen bottles too have to be taken away.Wow!

  3. I am amazed how big mount Everest is and i think it is bad for people now have to pay to climb mountains because its supposed to be a challenge and its not if your paying a lot of money to get took up there


  4. the east coast of africa near the indian ocean . Toby


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