Thursday, November 24, 2011

Science Quiz Home Learning

Home learning

Set on Thursday 24th November, 2011
Due in Tuesday 29th November

So you think you know about gases?
Read this table of information carefully.
At the bottom of the table is a quiz.  The answers are shown in the boxes.

Your home learning this week is to make up a gases multiple choice quiz. 
You will need to think of one right answer and two wrong answers for each question.
Your multiple choice quiz
  1. should have at least 5 questions
  2. should have at least 3 answers to choose from
  3. one of your answer choices should be silly, one should be quite close to the actual answer and the third should be the right answer
E.g. Which gas makes up most of the air around us?
  • oxygen
  • nitrogen
  • potatoes
Please write your answers in your Home Learning Book OR post them as a comment to this blog.

Good Luck!


  1. Do helium balloons float;
    a)Because they have magic powers ?
    b)Because helium is lighter than air ?
    c)Because they have air in them ?

    Is Helium;
    a)Always in air form ?
    b)Can be a liquid and a solid ?
    c)A sausage ?

    What makes up most of the air that you breathe ?
    a)Oxygen ?
    b)Nitrogen ?
    c)Christmas pudding ?

    Do gases;
    a) Keep their shape mostly ?
    b) Look like circles ?
    c) Spread out, change shape and volume to fill the space they are in ?

    Is helium;
    a) Colourful, tasty, and smelly ?
    b)Able to be seen sometimes ?
    c)Colourless,tasteless, and odourless ?

  2. Jack Willerton

    1. What is the natural state of oxygen at room temperature?
    A. Cream
    B. Air
    C. Gas

    2. Which of the following explosive gases comes from burping cows?
    A. propane
    B. methane
    C. light bulbs

    3. Which of these is a well known greenhouse gas?
    A. carbon dioxide
    B. cake
    C. hydrogen

    4. What is a smell made of?
    A. gases
    B. solids
    C. liquids

    5. What is the stinky gas in farts?
    A. carbon dioxide
    B. fragrance of rose
    C. hydrogen sulphide

  3. I really enjoyed playing the Saving Water Game, found this interesting.

    William Raggett

  4. where does water go when you leave it

    1.It evaporates
    2.It creeps away dissaperes


  5. what do you add to water so it gets clean

    1.cholrine and chemicals
    2.just chemicals
    3.sticks and stones


  6. water will be _________ before drank

    2.put into dirt



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